Pack O' Pickles

Pack O' Pickles

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For those who want to pick a pack of pickles. 

What you get:

A 32 oz pouch of each of our infamous Oak Barrel Fermented Pickles that all contain fresh turmeric: Peace, I.P.O and Spicy Pickle.  

Peace Pickles

World peace in the form of Fresh Dill and Horseradish Pickles

I.P.O. Pickles

Go old school with our initial pickle offering. Our first pickle with turmeric.

Spicy Pickles

For Those Who Desire a ZING and a POW with their Pickle


Our pickles are handmade with an age old tradition of natural fermentation. Cucumbers, spices, and other vegetables are combined in oak barrels and bathed in a saltwater brine for up to three weeks. The result is a real deli pickle that enlivens the senses and invigorates the spirit. 


There is simply no comparison! Thank you for supporting the oak barrel tradition.