Collection: We don’t pretend to make Kimchi as good as a Korean Grandmother…

 but ancient tradition speaks for itself

Son-mat is Korean for ‘taste of hand’. Son-mat is the element of presence. It starts with our connection to the freshness of the Napa Cabbage. Leave veggies too long and they rot. Add the right amount of water and salt to fresh vegetables, and now you’re dancing with the change. 

We’ve taken Napa Cabbage and turned it into three different flavors of Kimchi in this dance of fermentation.  People may break into dance in the streets when they learn that all three are Vegan, Kosher Certified, and lactic acid fermented in oak barrels. Britt’s is not interested in just selling fermented foods. Anyone can make pickles. We’re in the business of fermentation celebration! 

Go ahead, shake your hips. 

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