Welcome to Britt's Fermented Foods!

We're your gateway to the world of handcrafted ferments. Rooted on the serene shores of Whidbey Island, Washington, we're passionate about preserving flavors and nourishing health through the ancient art of Lactic Acid Fermentation.


Our journey begins with our Oak Barrels, which we consider the heart of our creations. These barrels unlock the secrets of time-honored fermentation, allowing us to craft a range of delights, including our signature heat-free, vinegar-free pickles.


Lactic Acid Fermentation isn't just a method for us – it's a commitment to preserving food's natural goodness. We believe in immersing vegetables and ingredients in saltwater brine, cultivating the perfect environment for lactobacillus bacteria to work their magic.


Safety and quality are paramount in our process. Our passion for crafting exceptional ferments goes hand in hand with our responsibility to you, your food, and our environment. Our products proudly bear the stamps of being Certified Kosher and Vegan, reflecting our dedication to excellence.


From our island home to your plate, we're thrilled to share the fruits of our labor. Each bite carries the essence of our coastal surroundings and our dedication to the craft. Join us in celebrating the age-old tradition of lactic acid fermentation and the vibrant, wholesome flavors it brings to life.

Watch us breathe new life into old barrels for our natural oak fermentation!

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