About us

The ‘Zippywowowyum' of this Artisan Tradition...

Here at Britt’s Fermented Foods we consider the oak barrel our first ingredient.  Other methods are both cheaper and easier, but there’s just simply no match for the vibrant flavor of Oak Barrel Fermentation. Our team takes time to refurbish retired local wine barrels to be up to par for our artisan crafted process.

Lactic Acid Fermentation is an ancient practice, dating back to the Fertile Crescent in 6000 B.C., used to safely preserve food. Lactic Acid Fermentation means we submerge vegetables in the right amount of saltwater to create the environment for lactobacillus bacteria to ferment them. This process is so safe that nearly every culture has their own variety of ferments. 

Just think how many of our ancestors around the world used their hands to ferment food. At our shop in Langley, Washington this handcrafted tradition roots us as we innovate with spices and flavors in our own unique expression of fermentation. 

Thank you to essential workers… 

We always view our employees as an essential part of our process. Now more than ever our world is being reminded of the hands behind the scene that keep our food systems running.  We appreciate every individual that is part of that process. We are grateful for those that plant and pick the vegetables, those that prepare it, and those that eat it. May we all come together in support of one another.

The Wheel of Fermentation

Son-mat is Korean for ‘taste of hand’. Son-mat is the element of presence. It starts with our connection to the freshness of the vegetables. Leave vegetables too long and they rot. Add the right amount of water and salt to fresh vegetables, and now you’re dancing with the change. 

The Wheel of Fermentation reminds us that change is constant. We can either be tossed about by the ever changing world or make the choice to stay present, dance with the ups and downs, and be transformed.

Britt’s is not interested in just selling fermented foods. Anyone can make pickles. We’re in the business of fermentation celebration! 

Go ahead, shake your hips. 

The Ace of Barrels

The Ace of Barrels encompasses a scene from our daily life at Britt’s Fermented Foods. Handmade recipes are created to acknowledge the food traditions that help us thrive.  

The oak barrel is the vessel that contains the process of fermentation. Grains of salt represent the foundation of community. In building a solid foundation it is all about the relationships. In fermentation that relationship is between the salt and water. We create the conditions that allow for the fermentation to take place and produce the desired results. The mix of vegetables, spices, salt and water create a brine that transforms vegetables into the flavors, aromas, and crispness of oak barrel ferments. Salt grounds the process while the water invites us to be fluid and explore what bubbles up.

The Ace of Barrels invites us to create such a hospitable environment inside of ourselves. Experience the radical choice to intentionally love yourself. Drink clean water and eat foods that support your immune system. 

May your barrel overflow with love...