About Britt's

Here at Britt's we consider our Oak Barrels to be the first ingredient to all our ferments. Our oak barrels help us achieve the ancient practice of Lactic Acid Fermentation. We take pride in offering no heat and no vinegar pickles, along with other gut healthy ferments to all our amazing and loyal fans we have dubbed; The Pickle Posse!

Lactic Acid Fermentation is an ancient practice used to safely preserve food and keep all its natural nutrients and flavor intact for long term food storage. The process involves fully submerging the vegetables and ingredients under a salt water brine to create the environment needed for the lactobacillus bacteria to grow and start the fermentation process.

Every part of our fermentation process is safety checked as to not cause any harm to our costumers, your food, or our barrels, along with ourselves.

Certified Kosher and Vegan, our ferments are artisan crafted on the south end of Whidbey Island in the beautiful state of Washington. We are proud to bring handcrafted ferments to our community and supporters and hope to spread the education and love of lactic acid fermentation to all. 

Britt's Fermented Foods could not run without our amazing crew! Each crew member is a core part within Britt's that keeps us able to make our delicious and gut healthy ferments every day, all year long. From Cassie in product development, to Chris B taking charge of our warehouse and inventory, to our founder Brittin Eustis leading the company into the future. No matter how small or big the positions, everyone contributes to make the gears turn for Britt's Fermented Foods to keep fermenting for many years to come.