When does my order ship out?

We process all of our orders every Monday morning at the beginning of the week and ship them out before the day ends so almost all the orders will reach to you before the end of the week. Any orders received after 10:00am PST on Monday will not be shipped out that week and will be placed into the queue for the following week.

How long does it take to ship to where I am?

We are located in Washington State on the very top of the West side of the country, the following below are roughly how long it takes our shipments to reach you for each region (this does not take into consideration for weather or holidays during the time of shipping):

There is a problem with my order! Who do I contact about it and how long until I get the help I need?

Here at Britt's we take extra care of your orders, but mistakes can happen from time to time. Contact and send a email to with your order number in the subject line and a brief tag line about what's wrong with your order. We give every customer 3-5 business days to reach out to us after getting their order and give us time to provide the proper help needed to fix what happened or allows us to send replacement products if needed. Any time after the 3-5 business days window and we will not be able to help.

What happens to my items while in transit?

Our products are shipped with ice packs to slow fermentation and to ensure the crispness of the product. While in transit, your icepack will melt and the product may be exposed to an increase in temperature. This may result in the live cultures waking up and beginning the fermentation process again, this is completely natural! If your package is inflated and bloated, that is due to the build up of carbon dioxide. Simply open your product and burp it to release excess air, reseal it, and place it in your refrigerator.

Does Britt's ship outside the United States?

Unfortunately at this time we do not ship any of our items outside of the United States.