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Britts' Fermented Foods

The Pickle-ator Amber Glass Home Fermentation Kit

The Pickle-ator Amber Glass Home Fermentation Kit

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At Britt’s Fermented Foods we believe if fermented veggies taste really good you will eat them. The Pickle-ator is a revolutionary way to easily make delicious tasting ferments at home. Simply add fresh veggies and spring water! 

Home Fermentation Kit Includes:

  • 1/2 gallon wide-mouth amber canning jar
  • 1 plastic lid with a hole, gasket, and rubber grommet
  • 28 page recipe booklet (a great resource for how to ferment foods at home)
  • 4" metal canning lid
  • 1 three-piece airlock
  • 2 ceramic tile weights
  • 5 oz. sea salt
  • 2 IPO flavor packets and 2 SPICY flavor packets
  • Plus for a limited time: A free Emergency Kit & Spice Kit!

Read what Emily thought...

“At the risk of sounding dramatic, Britt's Pickle-ator changed my life. I didn’t grow up around people making pickles and I have always been afraid to can anything because of an irrational fear.  The pickle-ator took care of this. I can make my own pickles and not kill myself!   They are delicious and give me a sense of accomplishment! Is it possible for a pickle to be empowering? I think yes!” - Emily

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