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Britts' Fermented Foods

The Pickle-ator - Flint Glass Home Fermentation Kit

The Pickle-ator - Flint Glass Home Fermentation Kit

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🥒 Unlock the Art of Home Fermentation with Britt’s Pickle-ator! 🥒

Introducing Britt’s Home Fermentation Kit, your gateway to the world of home fermentation. We've lovingly assembled everything you need to embark on your fermenting journey—all you have to add are the veggies and filtered water.

What's Inside:

✨ 1/2 Gallon Wide Mouth Flint Canning Jar
✨ 1 Reusable Lid with a 4" Rubber Gasket
✨ 4" Metal Canning Lid
✨ 1 Three-Piece Airlock
✨ 2 Red Clay Tile Weights
✨ 1 5oz Package of Sea Salt
✨ 4 Spice Packets (2 IPO Flavor & 2 Spicy Flavor)
✨ Fermentation Instruction Booklet with Recipes

With Britt’s Pickle-ator by your side, you'll discover the art of fermenting right in your kitchen. Let your creativity flow and enjoy the flavorful results of your homemade ferments!

Unlock the world of fermentation today! 🌱🍽️

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