Britt's Mission

Committed to excellence, we strive to provide our customers unrivaled quality, innovation, and sustainability in every barrel. Elevating the Art of Fermentation with Oak: Our mission is to bring the timeless tradition of fermentation to life within the rich embrace of real oak barrels. Together, we're preserving age-old traditions and fermenting the future, one barrel at a time.

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  • "This is the pickle of my childhood, sour, garlicky and so tasty. I grew up in NYC, pickles were purchased from large oak barrels. Britt's has the taste of those pickles. Yummmm!"- Suzanne

  • "Myself and my family are immigrants from Russia and the second I took a bite of this I was literally brought back to my grandma's pickles. I haven’t been able to enjoy this taste in AGES. Thank you so much for introducing these to me. I'm OBSESSED!!!" -Rita S.

  • "Best pickles and sauerkraut out there. These are authentic flavors of barrel fermented pickles and sauerkraut. Love, love, love this brand! You should try one of each because it is hard to tell which one is better than the other." -Natalia S.

A Tale of Two Britts

No vinegar, no heat. This small Whidbey Island pickle company stands by the age-old method of oak barrel fermentation by Jackie Varriano

Article from The Seattle Times

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