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Black Garlic Paste

Black Garlic Paste

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🖤 Unveiling Black Garlic: A Culinary Alchemy 🖤

Imagine whole bulbs of garlic, patiently incubating for 28 days at temperatures just above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Through a series of natural enzymatic transformations, the raw garlic undergoes a captivating metamorphosis, emerging as dark black garlic cloves. These cloves shed their typical "garlicky" intensity in favor of a refined balance of sweet and savory.

In the culinary world, Black Garlic is a coveted gem, celebrated for its profound depth and harmonious blend of rich umami flavors and earthy sweetness. Our Black Garlic Paste, housed in a convenient 4.5oz jar, is your gateway to an infinite world of culinary possibilities.

From enhancing broths and sauces to elevating marinades, enriching home ferments, creating delectable dips, and even surprising your taste buds with sweet desserts like homemade vanilla bean ice cream (yes, seriously, it's a game-changer), this versatile ingredient knows no bounds.

Unlock the extraordinary with Black Garlic Paste—a touch of culinary magic in every jar! 🍽️🌌 

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