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Britts' Fermented Foods

Black Market Kimchi

Black Market Kimchi

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🌑 Embrace the Dark Side 🌑

Introducing our tantalizing creation, Black Market Kimchi. Prepare your taste buds for a journey into the unknown. 🌌

The enigmatic allure of black garlic lends this Kimchi a deep and complex umami, while a hint of smoky flavor with just the right amount of heat comes from chipotle pepper flakes. Brewed in oak wooden barrels, Black Market Kimchi is so extraordinary...

It's so exceptional, it might just be considered contraband. 🚫🔥

Napa Cabbage, Scallion, Gochutgaru, Garlic*, Sesame Seed, Black Garlic*, Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Chipotle Pepper Flakes, Filtered Water.

*Organic 🌿


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