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Riesling Sauerkraut

Riesling Sauerkraut

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🍷 Unveiling Confidence...

In homage to sauerkraut's ancient beginnings, we embrace the heritage of using Riesling wine. Did you know that the first sauerkraut was crafted in China using rice wine? It embarked on a journey to Europe with the Huns, who introduced it when they rode in on horseback. Soon, it became an integral part of German cuisine, where cabbage met salt and water to perform the exquisite dance of lactic acid fermentation.

So, don't hold back. Grab a fork and savor this creation, perhaps in the soft glow of your refrigerator's light. It's a flavorful journey waiting to be discovered. 🌠🍴

Green cabbage*, sweet onion*, Riesling wine, sea salt, filtered water.

*Organic 🌿


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