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Britts' Fermented Foods

I.P.O. Spice Kit

I.P.O. Spice Kit

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🌶️ Calling All I.P.O. Lovers! Spice Up Your Life with Britt's I.P.O. Spice Kit! 🌶️

Britt's finely tuned blend of spices, the secret behind our signature I.P.O. Pickle, is now within your reach. With this kit, you can craft up to 10 batches of I.P.O. spiced bliss using your Pickle-ator.

🌟 Large Kit Includes:
- 10 I.P.O. Spice Packets
- 2 Sea Salt Packets

🌟 Small Kit Includes:
- 5 I.P.O. Spice Packets
- 1 Sea Salt Packet

Elevate your pickle game and infuse your creations with the irresistible flavors of Britt's I.P.O. Spice. It's a must-have for all pickle enthusiasts! 🥒✨ #IPOSpiceKit #PicklePerfection #SpiceUpYourPickles

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