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Britts' Fermented Foods

Spicy Spice Kit

Spicy Spice Kit

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🔥 Heat Up Your Ferments with Our Spicy Pickle-ator Spice Addition! 🔥

Introducing Gochugaru Chile Flakes, the fiery stars of the pickling spice world, now delivered right to your doorstep by Britt's. With this kit, you can create 10 more batches of tantalizingly spicy fermented vegetables in your trusty Pickle-ators. Don't fret, they can handle the heat!

🌶️ Small Kit Includes:
- 4 Spicy Spice Packets
- 1 Sea Salt Packet

Elevate your spicy ferments with the bold kick of Gochutgaru Chile Flakes. It's time to turn up the heat in your homemade creations! 🔥🥒

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